To join the Scuderia Club, you must agree to the terms and conditions. Fail to comply with the terms will lead to the expulsion from the club.

 Your signature is binding.

  • You must leave a security deposit.

  • You must pay a fixed excess of 15 000€ in the event of theft of the vehicle, or damages caused by an unknown third party, or accident you caused, or damages lower than 15 000€.

  • All police fines will be charged to the driver in all cases.

  • You must respect some rules of use. For instance, you must activate the antitheft device at every stop. You must drive on appropriate roads. Participation in any race or speed contest is prohibited.

  • You must pay the total cost of repairing or the market value of the vehicle if the vehicle is damaged: because of a wrong size estimate, when used or driven by any person impaired by the use of alcohol, narcotics, intoxicants, or drugs, used with or without a prescription, when used or driven by a non-member of the Scuderia Club.