The members of the Scuderia Club can rent a Ferrari of their dreams as many times in the year. Thus, they savour the thrilling feelings of driving this legendary car over and over again.

You decide on the membership fee you pay every month (at least 300€). Depending on the amount, you gain Solei points.

You can convert the Solei points into Ferrari renting time and distance, which change according to the part of the year (in-, mid-, or off-season).

For instance, if you get 9000 Solei points (which correspond to 9000€ of accrued membership fee), you can drive the Ferrari of your choice for 20 days.

  • 300 kms in 2 July days (in season) with a Ferrari 458 Spider.

  • 450 kms in 3 April days (mid season) with a Ferrari California.

  • 600 kms in 15 January days (off season) with a Ferrari 550 Maranello.

The Scuderia Club often organizes friendly gatherings. These members can share their driving experiences, their favourite road trips and most of all, their passion for cars and Ferrari.